How to Use Kobold AI For Janitor AI on Mobile : A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide [2024]

Janitor AI with Kobold API on Mobile

We are all aware that Janitor AI recently gained notoriety as a result of its recent TikTok viral success. People no longer want to pay for the OpenAI API key and instead want to utilize Janitor AI for free. Kobold API is still used on high-end PCs, but there are no free alternatives for mobile users.

In this post, we’ll show you how to use Kobold AI For Janitor AI on mobile devices for free indefinitely.This Kobold API is compatible with Janitor AI and Venus Chub AI Chatbot. Both platforms use the same processes.

What do you need for Making Kobold AI API URL for Janitor AI?

Janitor AI with Kobold API on Mobile

Let’s start with something you’ll need to create for the Kobold AI API URL:

First and foremost, you must have a Chrome browser; it will only operate perfectly on Chrome because Google Collab supports it better.

The second is Google Collab Links; don’t worry, I’ll give you two URLs, one for TPU and one for GPU. You can try both if one does not work, but I recommend choosing the GPU one.

How to Make Kobold AI API URL for Janitor AI ?

It’s simple to use Kobold AI on Google Colab! Even if you don’t have a high-end computer, Google Colab is a fantastic tool that offers many amazing features for free, such as Cloud GPU Support.

Simply follow the instructions below to obtain your Kobolb API URL for Janitor AI or Venus Chub AI. Yes, it works on both because they are clones of Venus AI, which is no longer available. Another issue is that if one site goes down, such as Janitor AI, you can utilize Venus Chub AI because both are clones of Venus AI.

Let’s Create Kobold API Now, Follow the Steps, and Have Fun with Janitor AI with Kobold API

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Step 01: To begin, Go to these Colab Links and select whichever collab works best for you. You have two options: Colab Kobold TPU Link for TPU (Tensor Processing Units) and Colab Kobold GPU Link for GPU (Graphics Processing Units). Both are nice, however I recommend utilizing the GPU first, and then the TPU if that fails.

Janitor AI with Kobold API on Mobile

Step 02: Now scroll down a little and you’ll see Tap the play button next to “<— Tap this if you’re using a mobile device” When you do that, it will reveal an audio player in a few minutes. Play the silent audio to keep the tab alive so Google does not shut you down when you’re using KoboldAI, which uses only 13MB of data.

Janitor AI with Kobold API on Mobile

If no audio player is displayed, your phone browser does not support Google Colab in the mobile view; before proceeding, go to your browser menu and enable Desktop mode.

Janitor AI with Kobold API on Mobile

Step 03: At this point, Choose the chatbot model that best describes what you want to achieve; by default, the most suggested model for those who want to check out KoboldAI is picked.

Janitor AI with Kobold API on Mobile

You can get Model Info by scrolling down a little.

Janitor AI with Kobold API on Mobile

After selecting your model, you can change the Version to United by tapping the right side down arrow button.

Janitor AI with Kobold API on Mobile

After that, you can utilize Google Drive if you like, but I don’t, so I unchecked that box. If you enable Google Drive access, a popup will appear; simply accept it, and you’re done.

Janitor AI with Kobold API on Mobile

Simply press the play button next to “<– Select your model below and then click this to start KoboldAI”.

Janitor AI with Kobold API on Mobile

Step 04: Now sit back and relax while the automatic installation and download procedure begins; for most models in the GPU & TPU version, this should take 7 to 10 minutes on average, depending on current Colab download speeds. These downloads occur via Google’s internet connection; you will not be paid by your internet provider, and they will not count against any download restrictions, so relax.

Janitor AI with Kobold API on Mobile

Step 05: After a few minutes, two Kobold URL links will appear. Simply copy the URL link (which will be displayed in BLUE color) and paste it into the Kobold API URL field in Janitor AI or Venus Chub AI API Settings. Then click Check Kobold URL Verify this API, and if it works, save the settings and enjoy.

If not, try the second URL, and if you get a Network problem or a Not Fetching issue, it’s because the site has a lot of traffic, so just use another clone. As previously stated, Janitor AI and Venus AI are both clones of Venus AI.

Conclusion: Kobold AI For Janitor AI on Mobile

Finally, we learn how to use Janitor AI with Kobold API URL. I go over each step in depth. You may now use Janitor AI or Venus Chub AI on your mobile devices for free.


Q.Is Janitor AI free to use?

Yes, you can use it for free by providing the Kobold AI API URL.

Q.Can I use Janitor AI on Mobile?

Yes, you may use Google Colab to use it on an Android or iOS mobile device.

Q.How to get Kobold API URL?

You can obtain it in two different ways: first, through the use of Google Colab, and second, through the installation of Kobold AI on your local machine.

Q.Is Janitor AI Clone?

Yes, it’s a clone of the Official Site Venus AI, which is now defunct.

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