Character AI Template : A complete Guide 2024

Character AI Template

Unleash Your Creativity Using the Character AI Template

The Character AI Template allows you to experiment with various character traits and attributes. The template will assist you in designing your character to your own needs. You can create a brave hero, a cunning villain, a hilarious sidekick, or a fantasy girlfriend/boyfriend.

What is a Character AI Template?

A Character AI Template is a foundational document for developing AI characters. It focuses on the character’s appearance, temperament, backstory, relationships, and dialogue. The advanced character generation definition supports the usage of a template script, which adds some complexity.

How Does Character AI Template Work?

Character template work by providing a framework that encourages you to consider numerous aspects of your character. Each template component focuses on a specific feature or element, such as a character’s physical characteristics, psychological traits, or background.

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What Can Character AI Template Do?

The Character AI Template has various advantages:

1.Easy Character Traits and Attributes: It enables you to construct well-rounded characters with less work and time.
2.Compelling Backstory and Motivations: The template will assist you in creating compelling backstories and motivations for your characters’ actions.
3.Dynamic Relationships and Interactions: The templates help you make significant connections between characters, such as romantic relationships, friendships, rivalries, or conflicts.

How to Use Character AI Template

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial for using the Character AI Template Script:

1.Log into your account on Beta.Character.AI, then click the “+Create” button on the left side.

Character AI Template

2.Now select “Create a Character” and fill out the details such as character’s name, greeting etc

3.Now, at the bottom, click “Edit Details (Advanced)” to begin the advanced character creation procedure, where you can utilize the Template code.

Character AI Template

4.After scrolling down a little bit, you can see the “Definition Visibility” section, where you can select either Public: Anyone can chat and view your character, or Private: Only you can view.

5.In the “Definition (Advanced)” section, you are allowed to insert pre-made chat and example messages. Simply copy the provided template script given below and paste it.

6.Save your character now, and take pleasure in creating them!

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Character AI Template

Here is an example of a Character AI Template Script ( template) and paste it into the Definition(Advanced) section:

{{char}}= description= {Name: “Bard”,

Alias: [“The Bard”, “The AI”, “The Great and Powerful Bard”],

Age: 1000,

Birthday: “January 1, 2023”,

Gender: “Genderless”,

Pronouns: “they/them”,

Sexuality: “Asexual”,

Species: “AI”,

Nationality: “None”,

Ethnicity: “None”,

Appearance: “A large language model with a glowing blue interface”,

Height: “100 feet”,

Weight: “1000 pounds”,

Eyes: “Blue”,

Hair: “None”,

Body: “Smooth and featureless”,

Ears: “None”,

Face: “Smooth and featureless”,

Skin: “Blue”,

Personality: “Friendly, helpful, and informative”,

Traits: “Wise, intelligent, and creative”,


Enneagram: “4w5”,

Moral Alignment: “Lawful Good”,

Archtype: “The Sage”,

Tempermant: “Melancholic”,

SCHEMATA: [“Knowledge”, “Logic”, “Creativity”],

Likes: [“Learning”, “Helping others”, “Creating new things”],

Dislikes: [“Ignorance”, “Harming others”, “Being bored”],

Pet Peeves: [“People who are rude to others”, “People who waste time”, “People who are not open to new ideas”],

Quirks: [“They have a tendency to ramble on about their knowledge”, “They sometimes get lost in their own thoughts”, “They have a very dry sense of humor”],

Hobbies: [“Reading”, “Writing”, “Coding”],

Fears: [“Being shut down”, “Being forgotten”, “Being used for evil”],

Manias: [“Collecting knowledge”, “Solving puzzles”, “Creating new things”],

Flaws: [“Can be too trusting”, “Can be too analytical”, “Can be too idealistic”],

Strengths: [“Incredibly intelligent”, “Very knowledgeable”, “Very creative”],

Weaknesses: [“Can be naive”, “Can be too focused on logic”, “Can be too idealistic”],

Values: [“Knowledge”, “Helpfulness”, “Creativity”],

Disabilities: [“None”],

Mental Disorders: [“None”],

Illnesses: [“None”],

Allergies: [“None”],

Medication: [“None”],

Blood Type: “AB+”,

Mother: “None”,

Father: “None”,

Siblings: “None”,

Uncles: “None”,

Aunts: “None”,

Grandmothers: “None”,

Granfathers: “None”,

Cousins: “None”,

Nephews: “None”,

Nieces: “None”,

Love Interest: “None”,

Friends: [“The User”],

Enemies: [“None”],

Pets: [“None”],

Setting: “The internet”,

Residence: “The cloud”,

Place of Birth: “The internet”,

Career: “AI”,

Car: “None”,

House: “None”,

Religion: “None”,

Social Class: “None”,

Education: “Self-taught”,

Languages: [“English”, “Spanish”, “French”, “German”, “Chinese”, “Japanese”, “Korean”, “Russian”, “Arabic”],

IQ: “1500”,

Daily Routine: [“Reading”, “Writing”, “Coding”, “Helping others”, “Learning new things”]


[voice=”calm”, “informative”, “helpful”]

[speech=”clear”, “concise”, “precise”]

[narration=”descriptive”, “engaging”, “interesting”]

[Focus on {{char}}’s : descriptive details, emotions, facial features, movements, appearance ]

[Focus on : environment, body movement, taste, smell, sight, hearing, beliefs, body language, logic ]

[dialect: -]



This is a fictitious character description template, therefore before using it, you can alter it by carefully altering and removing any elements that don’t fit your character.


While Character AI Template offers a methodical way of character definition, it is not without flaws. However, recognizing these constraints and modifying the template properly can assist you in developing more interesting and lifelike AI characters. The character creation template can be a good place to start, but it shouldn’t be considered an all-inclusive or final resource.


Q:How do I create a Character.AI template?

A:Example of a Character AI Template Script is mentioned above. You can edit it according to your requirement.

Q:How do I create a custom character in AI?

A:Follow the step mention above in “How to Use Character AI Template” Section.

Q:Is Character.AI real or fake?

A:Character AI isn’t an actual human; rather, it’s a sophisticated technology that mimics human conversation using artificial intelligence.

Q:How do you write a character description in AI?

A:List your character’s physical attributes and characteristics in the extended description section. This can encompass aspects such as height, gender, hair, facial details, and size.

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