Q. How is the placement process carried out?

First of all, Every C-DAC center has a common placement. So if you think that if you belong to CDAC-Acts, you get priority in the placement process, then you are wrong.
once you go there you have to fight among all DACs students to get placed. Even the interviewer doesn’t ask you which DAC center you belong to. So if you have talent, and know the programming well then no one can stop you to get placed.

Q. How to choose a CDAC center based on the ranking?

Although it depends on the Individual, Here is the screenshot of the preference given by some students but i recommend you do your proper research before that

Course-Centre Preference List

Q. Should i Choose CDAC Act or Sunbeam?

From people’s experiences, we feel that during the placement process, Sunbeam provide a push to their students to get placed on the other hand Acts doesn’t, and also sunbeam provide better teaching as compared to CDAC Acts. But Please do your proper research before take any decision.

Q. I have a gap in my academics should I join CDAC?
   I have a gap in my academics should I get placed?

A big yes, CDAC is not only a platform that makes you job ready for the IT industry but also provides you the facility of placement in reputed companies including MNCs. But it is again up to you whether you can crack the interview process or not and if you have a gap then you have to justify the gap during the HR round. I know many people who have a 6-7 year gap and get placed in good companies.

Q. What are the things that are asked during the placement process?

It depends from company to company.
1. online objective test, based on that performance students get shortlisted for the HR round.
2. offline test where you have to write the pseudo code, based on that performance students get shortlisted for the HR round.
3. Group Discussion followed by online objective test/offline test then HR round.

Q. Is CDAC worth it?
   Is CDAC good for placement?
   Who should do CDAC?

Pursuing CDAC is worth it. Here are the few reasons that make it worth it:
1. If you are from tier-3 college and unemployed.
2. Working in an ABC company but doesn’t know where your life is going i.e. Worried about carrier growth.
3. Want to switch the sector in which you are working.
4. If you have a long gap after academics and are still unemployed whatever the reason.

if you belong to any of the above categories. Then I strongly recommend you go for the CDAC, It is a very beautiful platform that not only makes you job ready but also provides a placement opportunity. If you work hard and study well then you will get placed.

Q. What are the things you should prepare beforehand before joining the CDAC?

Please keep in mind that if your rank is under 50 or 100, it doesn’t mean that you get placed in good company or placed easily. Once you take admission every one is equal. So you have to prepare well. Questions that are asked by most companies are code/pseudo code that you have to write during the placement process. therefore I suggest you prepare well these questions because you don’t get time for that once the C-DAC course starts