Preparation Strategy

How to prepare for cdac exam?CDAC preparation is not as hard as people think. In fact,  it is much easier. if you are not from a computer science / IT background or don’t have a basic understanding of C language or OOPs (object-oriented programming). Moreover, It doesn’t matter whether you are CS/IT graduate or not, if you prepare well, you will get a much better rank. Even under 50 also (Not Kidding, I know many people of DAC Batch in CDAC Acts).Even my rank was under 60 and I was from NON-CS background.

Remember C-CAT is an objective test and  It’s not like GATE exam where you require indepth knowledge  about the subject. Here you just have to remember the Data/Facts and apply a bit logic.

Although there are list of reference books recommended by C-DAC but don’t get afraid of it. It is not mandatory to read all the books ,you can find resources online such as tutorial point , indiabix for aptitude and reasoning, watch online videos  and make notes which will be much useful and time saving than reading the book. No need to buy any  courses, mock test etc .Every thing is available online and free of cost.

Steps To Prepare:-
  1. First of all ,go through the syllabus and watch  online videos ( youtube) which helps you to understand the basic concept easily and if you are from NON-CS background then, this is mandatory for you.
  2. Secondly, Prepare short notes for all subjects and revise it regularly.
  3. Third, Practice as many mock as possible this will help you in analyzing your mistakes.

Here is the original question paper of the CDAC C-CAT exam(cdac preparation material pdf),which will surely help you to get an idea regarding the exam paper and believe me, it is very helpful, you will get to know how the questions are asked, what to read, and what not to. This paper will be game changer for you.

Books that you should  read  for preparation are given below:-

  • Let Us C (Yashavant Kanetkar)      Let Us C (Yashavant Kanetkar)                                                                  Link:




  • Data Structures Through C in Depth (S. K. Srivastava)  Data Structures Through C in Depth (S. K. Srivastava)                   Link: