Does Turnitin Detect ChatGPT

Does Turnitin Detect ChatGPT

Does Turnitin Detect ChatGPT?

Yes, Chat GPT and other AI writing can be detected using Turnitin. A database of sources and previously submitted work is compared by Turnitin while reviewing submitted content. While Chat GPT produces distinctive responses, Turnitin’s system can still identify AI support. The ethical ramifications of using AI writing tools should be understood by students.


Academic dishonesty is evolving at an advanced rate as technology progresses. AI-assisted writing and writing produced by tools like ChatGPT are instances of new types of wrongdoing that academic institutions must deal with. As of June 2023, Turnitin has technology that can distinguish between writing that is produced by technologies like ChatGPT and writing that is helped by AI. The specifics of how Turnitin recognises these instances of plagiarism are covered in this article, along with the moral ramifications of utilising AI in academic writing.

What is Turnitin?

An academic institution’s use of Turnitin, a popular plagiarism detector, is to find instances of plagiarism. It evaluates submitted content against a database of previously submitted content and other sources, such as academic journals and web sources. The next step is for Turnitin to create a similarity report that flags any passages that seem to have been directly copied or paraphrased from another source.

AI-Assisted Writing and AI-Generated Writing via Tools Like ChatGPT

Writing that is created with the aid of artificial intelligence is referred to as AI-assisted writing. It entails the use of instruments that provide ideas, sentence constructions, and even whole paragraphs as writing assistance. On the other hand, AI writing produced by technologies like ChatGPT refers to writing that is totally produced by AI without human input..

How Does Turnitin Detect Writing Produced by Tools Like ChatGPT and Writing Assisted by AI?

Turnitin utilises AI detection technology to spot instances of writing that was generated by tools like ChatGPT and writing that was assisted by AI. The system is intended to recognise writing patterns and traits that are suggestive of AI aid.

Turnitin locates similarities between submitted work and a database of previously submitted work and published sources. The tool creates a similarity report that emphasises the parts of the work that are noted when AI-assisted writing or AI writing produced by technologies like ChatGPT is detected.

Can Turnitin Detect a Use of ChatGPT in Particular?

Because ChatGPT creates individual responses based on input, it may be challenging for Turnitin to clearly identify its use. Turnitin cannot recognise ChatGPT because it is not a previously submitted work or an online source, according to a different source. This means that Turnitin would not be able to identify it if a student used ChatGPT to produce their writing.

Attempts by Turnitin to Detect ChatGPT

Despite the difficulties in explicitly detecting ChatGPT, Turnitin has been attempting to improve its ChatGPT detection. Turnitin’s platform now includes an AI writing indicator that makes it easier to spot instances of writing that was produced by tools like ChatGPT and writing that was supported by AI as of June 2023. A useful tool for detecting academic misconduct, Turnitin’s AI detection has been created to recognise 98% of AI writing.

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Using ChatGPT Has Ethical Consequences

Students should be aware of the ethical ramifications of utilising ChatGPT for academic reasons even if it can be a great tool for producing original comments and thoughts. Using AI-generated text as one’s own without properly citing or acknowledging the source is seen as academic dishonesty.

Additionally, employing AI-generated writing might be considered cheating and have major repercussions, such as failing a course or even being expelled from a school or institution. Additionally, adopting AI-generated writing devalues education and learning because it does not accurately reflect the comprehension and critical-thinking abilities of the learner.

As a result, students should utilise ChatGPT and other AI writing tools appropriately, not as a substitute for their own work but as a source of ideas and inspiration. They should also be familiar with the policies of their college or university regarding academic dishonesty and plagiarism.

Future Evolution of the AI Detection Technology Used by Turnitin

Turnitin’s AI detection technology will develop and grow along with AI technology. Turnitin is constantly improving its technology to identify new types of plagiarism, such as work produced by artificial intelligence.

In the future, Turnitin might also create more complex machine learning models and algorithms to recognise AI writing, like ChatGPT. It will be necessary to have a thorough understanding of how ChatGPT and other AI writing tools produce text and how to tell them apart from human writing in order to accomplish this.

Additionally, Turnitin’s AI detection tool may also make use of additional digital forensic techniques, like examining a document’s information and structure for any indications of AI-generated content.


Turnitin has technology that, as of June 2023, can distinguish between writing that is produced by ChatGPT and writing that is helped by AI. It is unable to identify specific ChatGPT usage nevertheless. Nevertheless, Turnitin has been developing its ChatGPT detector, and its AI detection has been improved to recognise 98% of AI writing.

In order to appropriately use ChatGPT and other AI writing tools as a source of ideas and inspiration rather than as a replacement for their own work, it is crucial for students to grasp the ethical ramifications of doing so.

In conclusion,While ChatGPT cannot be detected by Turnitin’s AI detection engine, it is still a useful tool for identifying academic dishonesty and plagiarism. Turnitin will continue to modify and improve its algorithm to identify new types of academic dishonesty and guarantee academic integrity as AI technology develops.

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