What is PentestGPT?

What is PentestGPT

Are you bored of doing time-consuming and laborious penetration testing tasks? Do you wish to automate your security testing with a solution that provides high-quality reasoning? Consider PentestGPT, the best penetration testing tool powered by ChatGPT. This post will go into greater detail about PentestGPT, including its features, capabilities, and how it enables penetration testers to automate their testing process. Let’s get this party started!


Pentesting, also known as penetration testing, is a simulated cyberattack on a computer system or network that is used to assess the system’s security. It is used to find and assess potential system vulnerabilities. Penetration testers typically execute their tests according to specified processes, which can be difficult and time-consuming. GBHackers recently reported the discovery of a new ChatGPT-powered penetration testing program known as “PentestGPT.” This tool is designed to assist penetration testers in automating their testing activities.

The creator of PentestGPT, GreyDGL, claims that the program can solve elementary to medium HackTheBox problems in addition to other CTF challenges. It worked successfully when used in the TEMPLATED HackTheBox challenge, according to GBHackers. A Ph.D. candidate from Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University named GreyDGL is the operator of the tool on GitHub.

What is PentestGPT?

A penetration testing tool driven by ChatGPT is called PentestGPT. The method of penetration testing is intended to be automated. It is based on ChatGPT and runs in an interactive mode to direct penetration testers in both general progress and particular operations.
Easy to medium HackTheBox machines and other CTF tasks can be solved with PentestGPT.

Utilizing PentestGPT

You must be a ChatGPT plus subscriber in order to utilize PentestGPT. Since there is currently no public GPT-4 API, a wrapper is added to use ChatGPT sessions to enable PentestGPT since it depends on the GPT-4 model for high-quality reasoning.

According to empirical testing, GPT-4 outperforms GPT-3.5 in terms of penetration testing reasoning, according to PentestGPT developers. Simple tests on GPT-3.5 were failed, while GPT-4 demonstrated higher reasoning skills.

Despite its strength, GPT-4 suffers from context loss as the test level increases, according to PentestGPT developers. It was created to keep “test status awareness” throughout the procedure in order to overcome this problem.

PentestGPT’s Advantages

For penetration testers and security aficionados, PentestGPT provides a number of advantages, including:

  1. Automated and streamlined penetration testing procedure.
  2. Higher performance relative to other language models and high-quality reasoning.
  3. For immediate feedback and command input, use the interactive mode.
  4. Capable of completing CTF tasks and easy to medium HackTheBox computers.
  5. “Test status awareness” was used in the design to keep context and accuracy throughout the testing process.


A strong penetration testing tool called PentestGPT was created to automate and streamline the testing procedure. It is the best option for hackers and security enthusiasts trying to streamline their testing procedure because it has superior reasoning and an interactive mode for immediate feedback.

Become a ChatGPT plus member and check out the online sample testing procedure if you’re interested in checking out PentestGPT.



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