How To Use DeepBrain AI?

How To Use DeepBrain AI

Providing custom-made virtual AI avatars for organizations is the specialty of DeepBrain AI, an AI product company. Through the development of their ground-breaking AI Studios platform, they have made it possible for anybody to quickly and easily produce high-quality AI-powered video content that will help their brand and company grow.

Tens of thousands of subscribers have joined DeepBrain AI‘s AI Studios since its beta debut in mid-2021, and it has grown quickly in popularity.

An revolutionary technology called DeepBrain AI enables users to easily create AI-generated videos using plain text. No complicated software or coding knowledge is required; only basic and straightforward text will do to turn your thoughts into captivating videos.

DeepBrain AI Features

The outstanding range of capabilities that DeepBrain AI offers will help your videos stand out from the competition:

1.Custom Avatars: Select an avatar from a wide variety to add a unique touch to your films. Your content will be more interesting and relatable because each avatar adds their own personality to it.
2.Multi-Language Text-to-Speech Support: Reach a wider audience by quickly producing videos in several languages. Reduce linguistic barriers and expand the audience for your content.

How To Use DeepBrain AI?

Let’s get started with the simple and approachable steps to make your AI-powered video with DeepBrain AI:

  1. Join Now: Create an account on the DeepBrain AI website to get started on your creative journey. The registration procedure is simple and quick.
  2. Open AI Studio and Explore It: After creating your account, log in and peruse the AI Studio. You may learn more about the wonders of AI video creation here.
  3. Choose the Type of Video: Establish the goal of your video. DeepBrain AI can meet all of your objectives, whether you need an instructive training video, a how-to manual, an interesting marketing film, or an educational explainer video.
  4. Templates or Personal Avatars: Now comes the fun part! Choose from a variety of pre-built video templates to get your project going, or let your creativity run wild by creating a unique avatar that fits your brand or message.
  5. Write a Good Script: Put in the wording that you wish your avatar to display. The platform’s versatility enables you to fine-tune your message whether you already have a screenplay or would want to develop one from start.
  6. Allow AI to Do Its Work: Be prepared for amazing AI technologies. Modern DeepBrain AI algorithms will flawlessly transform your text into an eye-catching film.
  7. Review and edit: Give your creation a quick once-over. The platform enables you to easily edit your video to your satisfaction if you want to make any changes or add special effects.
  8. Download and Share:Click the download button when your video is prepared to share it with the world. Broaden the reach of your message!

What distinguishes DeepBrain AI’s technology from that of other AI video producers?

DeepBrain AI stands out as an impressive platform, offering advanced capabilities in the field of AI video creation. Its key features redefine the landscape of video production using artificial intelligence:

  1. Lifelike Realism: DeepBrain AI boasts lifelike avatars and delivers high-quality output, surpassing other AI video makers. This realism enhances the engagement and appeal of the videos.
  2. Personalized Experience: Users enjoy extensive personalization options, enabling them to customize avatars’ appearances and vocalizations. This level of personalization ensures videos align precisely with the creator’s vision and cater to the specific preferences of the target audience.
  3. Simplified Text-to-Video Creation: DeepBrain AI streamlines the video creation process by accepting text inputs. This eliminates the need for complex video editing or requiring on-screen presence, making it accessible to a broader range of users.
  4. Swift and Effortless Production: With its advanced technology, DeepBrain AI enables quick video generation. By using basic text inputs and leveraging the Text-to-Speech feature, content creators can produce a complete AI video in just five minutes or less, significantly reducing the time and effort required.
  5. Language Support and Flexibility: DeepBrain AI caters to a global audience with support for over 80 languages. The platform also allows easy editing and updating of videos, ensuring content remains relevant and up-to-date.

DeepBrain AI’s innovative technology revolutionizes the AI video creation landscape, providing a powerful and user-friendly tool for crafting personalized, realistic, and captivating videos. As the demand for video content continues to grow, platforms like DeepBrain AI offer a compelling solution to meet these evolving needs.

How is DeepBrain AI able to create such astonishingly lifelike AI avatar videos?

DeepBrain AI utilizes the latest in AI and machine learning technology to generate incredibly realistic AI avatar videos. Here’s how the process unfolds:

Initially, a detailed 3D model of the AI avatar is constructed. Sophisticated facial recognition technology is then used to animate this model, which allows the avatar to mimic human-like facial expressions and movements, adding a layer of authenticity to the videos. The platform also offers customization options for the avatar’s appearance and voice, creating a highly personalized experience for each user, and making the videos more engaging.

A standout feature of the platform is the integration of “ChatGPT”, which allows the AI avatar to interact with users in real-time. This interactive feature enhances immersion and opens up exciting potential for various uses.

The realism of DeepBrain AI’s technology is remarkable, achieving a striking 99% accuracy. This level of realism lends significant value to the AI avatar videos across numerous domains, including marketing, education, and instructional videos.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:Is DeepBrain AI Free?

Although DeepBrain AI does not have a free plan, it does provide a free trial to users. Users can make a 1-minute video and sample the platform’s features throughout the 14-day trial period.

Q:Is DeepBrain AI Safe?

Yes, DeepBrain AI takes data security and privacy seriously and takes a number of precautions to protect its users.

Q:Is DeepBrainAI suitable for beginners?

Yes, DeepBrainAI is made to be simple to use and intuitive, especially for non-technical users. The platform offers pre-built models and features that can make getting started for beginners quick and simple.

Q:Can I create videos in multiple languages to reach diverse audiences?

Certainly! With the help of DeepBrain AI’s multilingual text-to-speech technology, you can communicate with audiences everywhere, overcoming language boundaries.

Q:Can DeepBrainAI be used for video editing?

Yes, DeepBrainAI can be applied to video editing, specifically to tasks like automated voiceover, subtitle, and video summation production.


DeepBrainAI is a strong and adaptable AI platform that can easily assist companies and organizations in automating jobs, streamlining processes, and making data-driven choices. With its cutting-edge capabilities, scalability, and integrations, DeepBrainAI provides a practical answer for a range of use scenarios. It does, however, have certain drawbacks, including a brief trial period and limited customization and support. There are a number of alternatives to DeepBrainAI that you may choose from, including Google Cloud AI, IBM Watson, and Amazon SageMaker.


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