11 Best Character AI Alternatives Without NSFW Filter In 2024

Character AI Alternative That Allows NSFW

Character AI is a well-known platform that generates human-like text responses using AI technology. However, it has a strict policy against inappropriate or adult-themed content. Users looking for NSFW content have found other alternatives that don’t have NSFW filters.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the best Character AI alternatives that allow NSFW content, giving you the freedom to engage in unfiltered discussions. If you’re seeking platforms without NSFW filters, you’re in the right place.

What is Character.AI NSFW Issue?

Character.AI has an NSFW filter in place to maintain a safe and meaningful environment by preventing users from engaging in inappropriate or harmful discussions. This +18 filter is essential and blocks discussions related to erotic, violent, racial, or morally wrong topics.

Character AI No Filter: Can it Happen?

Yes! Character AI can be utilized without any filters, allowing you to study a wide range of themes. Nonetheless, using the Character AI NSFW settings has advantages and disadvantages.

On the one hand, it will allow you to have more authentic interactions, but on the other hand, getting over the Character AI 18+ filters can be a bit of a pain, so you might want to try out the character AI alternative stated below.

11 Best Character AI Alternatives Without NSFW Filter

We’ve chosen the Top 11 Character.AI Alternatives that Allows NSFW. These platforms give you unlimited access to content and let you choose from a variety of distinctive AI personas based on your interests.We’ve selected the 11 best Character.AI alternatives that don’t have any NSFW filters.

1.Candy AI

Character AI Alternatives

Candy AI is a fantastic NSFW character chatbot platform where you can find your ideal AI character and engage in immersive interactive chats with them. Among comparable goods, the platform has the best visual aesthetics and enables both NSFW and SFW content.

Its benefits include high-quality conversations, a diverse cast of characters, personalized interactions, immersive role-playing, and an uncensored feature. NSFW content is permitted.
Its drawbacks include just female characters and the need for a login.


Character AI Alternatives

Crushon.AI is an alternative that enables users to converse with AI chatbots in an unfiltered manner, avoiding filters and openly addressing NSFW stuff. It gives consumers a place to explore their interests without being constrained by existing chatbot services.

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3.Chai App

Character AI Alternatives

The Chai app is a popular alternative to Character AI, offering users a chatbot experience without NSFW filters. Users can use chatbots to meet all of their demands, engaging in conversations tailored to their individual interests and preferences.

4.Janitor AI

Character AI Alternatives

Janitor AI is a great choice for individuals who like anime-style characters and desire uncensored material. Users can explore their hobbies more freely and engage in uncensored chats thanks to this character chat robot website’s provision for NSFW roles.

5.Tavern AI

Character AI Alternatives

Tavern AI’s powerful GPT-3 engine enables users to build and speak with fictional characters. Exploring different genres, places, and storylines with these characters is a fun element of this platform.

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The ability to talk with beloved characters, including NSFW characters, makes ChatFAI an exceptional experience for users. By using this option, people will have a platform to have conversations that aren’t constrained by the usual parameters and to explore their interests indefinitely.


PygmalionAI is an AI chatbot that allows for NSFW content, making it an excellent choice for consumers looking for unconstrained interactions. Users can use PygmalionAI to explore their wishes and engage in uncensored dialogues without the constraints imposed by other platforms.


Character AI Alternatives

Kuki is an AI chatbot that allows users to have unrestricted discussions. While it is unknown whether it supports NSFW content, Kuki provides a forum for users to freely express themselves and engage in dynamic conversations tailored to their own interests.

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Cleverbot is a AI chatbot that allows users to have unrestricted discussions. However, it is vital to note that the platform’s stance on NSFW content is uncertain. To guarantee responsible use, users should take caution and follow the platform’s guidelines.

10.Jasper Chat

Jasper Chat is an AI chatbot that allows users to have unrestricted discussions. Jasper Chat, like Cleverbot and Kuki, does not appear to support NSFW content. Users must take responsibility and utilize the platform in accordance with the law and ethical principles.

11.Botify AI

Botify AI is another wonderful tool for having fun with AI chatbots. NSFW material has no restrictions because it is rated 17+. There are no restrictions on how you can converse. Even if you cannot create your own unique characters, there are numerous interesting characters to converse with.


These Character AI Alternatives That Allows NSFW give users the freedom to browse NSFW content without the restrictions enforced by Character AI. To approach such content properly, though, and to be aware of the moral and legal ramifications, is imperative. To keep the environment safe and polite, users should always make sure they observe the rules and stay within the bounds of the platforms.


1.Why doesn’t Character.AI allow NSFW?

Character.AI has a strict policy against NSFW content to protect users from inappropriate and harmful material. Engaging in adult or inappropriate conversations while using the AI tool is not allowed, and doing so may result in an account ban. Despite user requests for NSFW content, the platform shows no intention of allowing it in the near future.

2. Is using Character AI no filter tricks ethical?

The ethical concerns surrounding the use of Character AI without a filter are subjective and context-dependent. Some see it as promoting authentic conversations, while others view it as a potential source of misuse and inappropriate behavior.

3.How do I bypass NSFW filter on Character AI?

Character AI employs an NSFW filter to deter sexual or inappropriate conversations. Nevertheless, some users have found methods to bypass these restrictions and participate in more open discussions. If you’re interested in learning how to bypass Character AI’s NSFW filter, refer to our earlier discussion on this topic.

4.Does beta Character.AI allow nsfw?

No, Character.AI doesn’t allow NSFW.The company maintains a strong stance against generating inappropriate material, and engaging in NSFW conversations while using Character.AI can result in an account ban.

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