C-DAC’s PG Diploma Admission Process: Counselling and Seat Allocation

C-DAC’s PG Diploma Admission Process: Counselling and Seat Allocation:The admission procedure for C-DAC’s PG Diploma program is a multifaceted process, comprising two counseling sessions and three rounds of seat allocation. It is crucial to comprehend the process comprehensively to ensure that you make informed decisions.

  1. At the counseling stage, candidates are required to enter their choices for courses and training centers online. Two rounds of seat allocation are conducted based on the candidates’ preferences for courses and centers during the first choice filling.  First Cap Round :- (Round 1 & Round 2)
  2. Seat allocation for candidates is determined solely by the order of course and center preferences provided during counseling, according to their C-CAT rankings. It is advised to prioritize top-quality centers/institutes while giving your first preference.
  3. If a candidate’s rank is not good enough to get their top preferences in the first round of seat allocations, they may be offered their lower preferred courses/centres depending on their ranks.
  4. If candidates get their first preference in the first round of seat allocation itself, that will be their final allocated seat, and there will be no change for them in the second round of seat allocations. The seats allocated in the second round are final, and there will be no further change in them.
  5. In case a candidate has not been able to secure admission, they are given one last chance to fill their preferences of courses and training centres during the second counselling session.
  6. This is scheduled after the payment of the first installment fee of the second round of seat allocation. The third round of seat allocation is based on the second counselling.
  7. It’s worth noting that candidates are only allowed to select courses belonging to the category they chose in their C-CAT application form during both counselling sessions. Nevertheless, they can list as many training centers and courses within their applied C-CAT category as they want.
  8. Candidates’ C-CAT ranks and the order of preferences they have given for courses and training centers determine the admission to various courses at different training centers. The number of seats available for the courses at the particular centers also plays a role in the allocation of seats
  9. Hence, it is crucial for candidates to exercise caution while indicating their order of preference for courses and training centres. It should be noted that candidates will not be assigned a course or centre that they did not select during the counselling process, under any circumstances.
  10. To sum up, comprehending the C-DAC’s PG Diploma admission procedure is vital for making informed decisions during the counselling phase. It is imperative that candidates exercise utmost caution while specifying their preferences for courses and training centres to secure their preferred seat.

To be summarized above points.

  1. Following the CDAC-CCAT exam result, candidates must fill their first cap/counselling round and prioritize top centres/institutes.
  2. It is crucial to fill the first cap/counselling round meticulously as it cannot be changed in the second round.
  3. Once the first cap/counselling round result is announced, candidates must pay the first installment of Rs. 10,000/- + GST. It is mandatory to pay the first installment after the first cap round, and it can be paid online.
  4. The second round will automatically proceed, and candidates need not take any action. However, it is important to note that a candidate cannot choose a lower preferred option if they are allocated a higher preference in any round of seat allocation.

For example:- If you got  Rank A = 2636

                                     Rank A+B = 346

                                      CDAC CCAT Result

If you have given the below preference in your first CAP/counselling round:

1. ACTS Pune

                                                     2. Sunbeam Pune

                                                     3. IACSD Pune

                                                     4. Sunbeam Karad

If you allocate Sunbeam Pune in your first counselling round, and if you get your higher preferred centre, i.e., ACTS Pune, in the second round of seat allocation, then you must join the higher preferred centre only. A candidate cannot join a lower preferred choice under any circumstances.

5.  If you did not allocate any institute during the first and second rounds of the first Cap/Counselling, then you will have to fill in your preferences again during the second Cap/Counselling round, which is the last available counselling round. Therefore, it is crucial to fill in your preferences very carefully during the second round of Cap/Counselling.

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