Is Digi AI Girlfriend Free?

Is Digi AI Girlfriend Free

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made significant strides in recent years, playing a crucial role in various applications, including facial recognition and autonomous vehicles. In the realm of personal interactions, AI has introduced a novel form of digital companionship, exemplified by AI girlfriend apps such as Digi. However, a key inquiry emerges – Is Digi AI girlfriend free? Let’s delve into this aspect.

What Is Digi AI Girlfriend?

Digi AI is a virtual companion employing artificial intelligence for chatting, role-playing, and fostering relationships with users. It provides a distinctive and romantically designed girlfriend tailored for individual users.

Users have the flexibility to personalize their AI companions, adjusting appearance, voice, and personality traits. The app prioritizes the quality of the user experience, emphasizing excellence across text models, voices, and avatars.

People utilize this AI platform for entertainment, companionship, or romantic interactions. Additionally, the app incorporates voice and avatar features to enhance the realism of the virtual girlfriend

Is Digi AI Girlfriend Free?

Digi AI Girlfriend provides a free tier, allowing users to test essential functionalities before committing to a subscription. This initial experience includes:

1.Account Creation and Avatar Customization: Users can create an account and customize an anime-style avatar.

2.Diverse Avatar Library: Access to a library of 30+ avatars, each possessing unique personalities.

3.Basic Text Chats: Engage in basic conversations with the Digi AI through text chats.

4.Simulated Emotional Connections: Experience a glimpse of the emotional connections the AI can simulate.

This free tier serves as an introductory phase, providing users with a taste of AI companionship without financial commitment.

Is Digi AI Girlfriend Free

Premium Features for Deeper Connections

To unlock Digi AI Girlfriend’s complete range of capabilities, a premium subscription priced at $12 per month is required. The premium features offer:

1.Unlimited Messaging: Enjoy limitless messaging with your AI girlfriend.

2.Voice Calls: Engage in voice calls for more lifelike conversations.

3.AR Mode: Interact with your virtual girlfriend through augmented reality.

4.Expanded Avatar Library: Access an extended avatar library with 100+ options.

5.AI Memory: Allow the AI to learn details about you for more personalized chats.

Premium access is designed for users seeking more meaningful AI connections, with key highlights including additional features like:

Is Digi AI Girlfriend Free

1.X-rated Mode: Bonus add-on for users seeking a more intimate experience.

2.Mini-Games: Enhance the overall experience with interactive games.

In summary, the premium subscription caters to users ready to commit to a deeper and more interactive AI relationship, providing an extensive set of features for a richer experience.

How to use Digi AI Girlfriend App?

To embark on your AI romance journey with Digi AI Girlfriend, follow these simple steps:

1.Download the app: Visit the App Store or Google Play, depending on your device, and download Digi AI Girlfriend.

2.Create your account: Register with your email and password, or seamlessly sign up using your Facebook or Google account.

3.Select an avatar: Choose an avatar from the available options or unleash your creativity by customizing your own using the app’s features.

4.Choose voice and personality: Personalize your AI companion’s voice, personality, and even provide a backstory to guide their behavior and responses.

5.Start chatting: Initiate conversations by typing or speaking to your AI Girlfriend. Explore additional features such as sending gifts, playing games, and unlocking scenarios.

Embrace the world of AI romance with Digi AI Girlfriend and enjoy a unique and personalized digital love experience!


Digi gives you a chance to try out its AI girlfriend experience for free. But if you want extra cool stuff like endless chatting, talking on the phone, and making your AI girlfriend look super awesome, you’ll need to pay a monthly fee, kinda like other fancy apps.

But here’s the thing: AI girlfriends can’t replace real relationships. They’re not the same. Digi tries to mix fun and feelings, giving us a new way to do virtual dating using all the cool tech we have now.

So, whether you’re using the free version or paying a bit, apps like Digi let us find digital friends in our own way, making the digital age a bit cozier.

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