How To Use TikTok New AI Song Generator?

How To Use TikTok New AI Song Generator

TikTok New AI Song Generator : TikTok, the platform that has produced countless viral songs, is now venturing into the field of AI-assisted songwriting.

This new feature, known as Tiktok’s New AI Song Generator, enables users to easily create their own songs with the help of Bloom, a strong language model.

Bloom is the name of the artificial intelligence that powers TikTok’s song generator. It was developed by Anthropic, an AI safety startup. Bloom is specifically developed for natural language activities such as text generation and lyrics.

In this guide, I’ll take you through the ins and outs of getting started with TikTok’s enchanting music machine. Let’s jump right in!

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TikTok New AI Song Generator: How Does It Work?

The AI Song Generator employs a text-to-song algorithm to craft audio based on the lyrics and textual prompts provided by the user. Here's a brief breakdown of the process:

1.User Input: Users input lyrics, a song description, or any other text into the generator.

2.Algorithm Analysis: TikTok's algorithm thoroughly analyzes the text, discerning patterns such as rhyme, rhythm, and song structure.

3.Generation of Original Tune: Utilizing the insights from the analysis, the algorithm generates an original musical composition that aligns with the entered text.

4.Genre Selection: Users have the option to choose a genre, influencing the musical style of the generated track. Genres may include pop, rap, folk, and more.

5.Preview Phase: The AI provides a brief preview of the track, allowing users to listen and evaluate the musical output.

6.Refinement Options: Users can fine-tune the lyrics and genres, refining the song to their liking before proceeding to export the final version.

How To Use TikTok New AI Song Generator?

Accessing the AI Song Generator

Let's kick things off – how do you go about discovering this new and exciting feature?

TikTok is gradually introducing the AI Song Generator to a limited number of users for testing. Therefore, you might need to exercise a bit of patience until it becomes available to you. However, if it's accessible, here's where you can find it:

  1. During Video Creation:
    • When crafting a new TikTok video, be on the lookout for a button labeled "AI Song" situated next to the sounds and music selection. Give it a tap to open the generator.
  2. Prompt Pop-up:
    • You might also encounter a pop-up suggesting the AI Song feature while adding text to your video. If so, simply click "Try It" when prompted.
  3. Automatic Detection:
    • The generator could autonomously identify if your text exhibits a song-like structure. In such cases, it will inquire whether you want to employ AI to generate a corresponding song.

Keep an eye out for these access points as you navigate TikTok in your usual manner. You'll recognize you're in the right place when you encounter the AI Song Generator screen.

Inputting Your Lyrics

Now that you've got the generator open, it's time to craft those delightful lyrics. The interface features a text entry box where you can either type or paste the desired content for your song. You have the flexibility to compose lyrics line by line, adhering to the traditional song structure, or provide a general description of the song's theme. Consider these tips for creating lyrics that mesh well with the AI:

  1. Adopt a Song Structure:
    • Experiment with writing verses and a chorus to offer the AI a more defined structure to work with.
  2. Conciseness is Key:
    • Opt for brevity and simplicity, aiming for 2-5 lines per verse and avoiding intricate sentence structures.
  3. Embrace Catchy Rhymes:
    • Incorporate catchy rhymes, providing the AI with material to generate resonant lyrics.
  4. Set the Mood:
    • Enhance your lyrics by adding a few descriptive adjectives to establish the desired tone, such as "inspiring" or "epic."

Once your lyrics are in place, hit the "Generate Song" button, and let the musical enchantment unfold!

Selecting a Genre

Following the analysis of your lyrics, TikTok will present genre options for your song. You can choose from categories like:

  • Pop
  • Hip hop
  • Rock
  • Country
  • EDM

The available genres may vary based on the vibes the AI detects from your lyrics. Select the musical style that aligns best with your vision!

Previewing and Fine-Tuning the Song

Upon choosing a genre, you'll be treated to a brief preview of the AI-generated track. This is your opportunity to refine it to perfection:

  1. Listen and Evaluate:
    • Play the preview multiple times to grasp the flow and overall feel of the composition.
  2. Genre Adjustment:
    • If the genre doesn't quite align with your vision, feel free to switch it, and the melody will adapt accordingly.
  3. Lyric Editing:
    • Make edits to the lyrics if necessary, enhancing rhymes, rhythm, or any other elements that could be improved.
  4. Iterative Generation:
    • Keep hitting the "Generate Song" button until you've crafted a version that resonates with your preferences.

The AI will generate a brand new composition with each attempt, allowing you to experiment with various versions.

Exporting and Sharing Your Masterpiece

Once your AI-generated song reaches chart-topping potential, click "Share" to incorporate it into your TikTok video. Alternatively, export it as an audio file for versatile usage.

Now, enjoy sharing your unique AI-powered tune with the world! Duet with your favorite TikTok influencers, incorporate it into dance videos, or even include it in YouTube mashups—the possibilities are boundless.

Just remember to use the hashtag #AISong to showcase the creative process behind your sensational creation. Unleash your creativity, delve into the musical realm, and reveal the prowess of AI genius!

TikTok's Unique Approach:

TikTok takes a unique approach by incorporating generative AI elements to encourage user innovation.

YouTube, for example, has a music production function called Dream Track, which allows users to create 30-second samples inspired by popular musicians using either text prompts or hummed sounds.


TikTok's new AI-powered song production feature enhances user engagement.

As this feature improves, users can expect to improve their songwriting talents with the help of AI Song, ultimately unlocking more creative possibilities on the platform.

Prepare to compose your next chart-topper with a little help from TikTok's inventive universe!

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