CDAC Diploma vs Training Which is the best Option for Fresher Engineer?

CDAC Diploma vs Training

CDAC Diploma vs Training Which is the best Option for Fresher Engineer? Everyone who applies for admission to an engineering college believes they are qualified for on-campus employment. But regrettably, the majority of colleges do not offer quality instruction or decent placement opportunities, which leaves many engineering students without jobs or working in fields other than their desired ones. Students travel to large cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune in search of employment, and when they apply for jobs through OffCampus and Walkins and are rejected, they realise they lack the necessary technical skills. At that point, the student makes a judgement that may or may not be accurate.

The student has 3 options available:

  1. Private Training Institute
  2. CDAC
  3. Higher Study


1) Private Training Institute:

Except for 5 to 10 training classes, which are fake and don’t pay attention to the student once the money is taken, jobs like “Java Master in 30 days” are frequently advertised in large metropolises. As a result, even after the course has been completed, many students find it difficult to find work because they lack the necessary technical skills, such as coding, and they feel taken advantage of. Other training institutions only teach theory without providing any practical knowledge.

CDAC Diploma vs Training

Some coaching programmes offer jobs, but just about 50 of the 500 students in this programme are making mistakes, and in the following blog, we’ll talk about what those mistakes are. 

Less expensive admission fees of between 10,000 and 50,000 thousand are the key justification for choosing the Training Institute. However, there are some excellent training facilities that charge reasonable prices and offer knowledge of a high calibre.

 2) CDAC

CDAC, or the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, offers a postgraduate degree. The C-CAT conducts exams twice a year. A quick exam preparation helps us get into a good college.A reputable government-approved college is CDAC. CDAC offers a good bundle with high-quality education and job placement.

CDAC Diploma vs Training

In comparison to training facilities, CDAC must be given top priority. However, the CDAC tuition is expensive compared to other private training institutions; it costs around one lakh, which is challenging for those with less means. However, only a student who is committed to their career and puts up their best effort should join CDAC.

What is the major difference between the CDAC and the Training Institute?


  • CDAC offers high-quality, practically oriented education that aids students in becoming technology masters.
  •  Nearly 80–90% of students that get placed from CDAC put in a great deal of effort.
  • The CDAC course is a six-month accredited programme with a high market value for diplomas.
  • CDAC assists students in finding strong MNCs with competitive packages.

Training Institute:

  • Private training facilities are of medium to good quality, with a strong emphasis on the theoretical rather than the practical.
  • They no longer care about the student once they have collected the fees.
  • The training programme lasts for two to three months, and there is inadequate assistance with job placement. The maximum batch size for private instruction prevents the teacher from giving individual attention to every student.

What is the best option for fresher?

  • A fresher student who has average to good technical knowledge can self-study, take exams like the AMCAT and ELITMUS, and get hired by the company.
  • New students must pick CDAC if they have average technical skills and a solid economic foundation.
  • If a new student’s family is struggling financially, he may be able to attend a private institute for instruction, but before enrolling, he must attend a demo class and read reviews from former students. 


Important tips to remember:

  1. Check the course contents before enrolling in a training programme because the majority of coaching programmes have a little course syllabus that does not meet industry standards.
  2. Before applying for a position at a training facility or CDAC, we must determine whether we are interested in the subject matter. For instance, if we lack coding skills or have no interest in learning them, we should not pursue a developer career. Only choose classes that are in high demand in the marketplace.  


This blog’s major goal is to dispel any confusion regarding CDAC and the best training facility for newly graduated engineers. aids students in choosing the appropriate professional path. Share this blog if you enjoy it.




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